Welcome to IOTW TestNet Launch

TestNet (v. alpha) houses the IOTW infrastructure. It is to be released as MainNet early 2019.

In IOTW TestNet, you can:

  • Connect IoT devices to the mobile app
  • Experiment with micro-mining using virtual IoT devices
  • Connect TestNet with the IOTW Wallet to practice purchasing goods with TestNet coins

Ready, Set, Mine, and Get Rewarded by following 3 simple steps!

Select 3 Virtual IoT Devices

  • Sign up for setting up virtual IoT devices: https://vdd.iotw.fun/
  • Log in and choose up to 3 IoT devices to add to TestNet
  • “Activate” each device (green lights mean device is connected!)
  • Click “Edit”, keep this page alive, and go the Step 2

Download IOTW Wallet (beta)

  • Download the IOTW Wallet:
    * Download APK : click here
  • Once downloading IOTW Wallet app, click “Get started” to create your IOTW wallet

Connect your Wallet to Virtual IoT Devices

  • Visit “My Devices” in the IOTW Wallet
  • To add the virtual IoT devices, scan the QR codes of the IoT devices you chose on the VDD (see step 1)
  • Select “Add Device”, your device has been added!
  • Start mining!

Open your curiosity!

If you want to see the number of virtual IoT devices, the queue of devices lined up for mining, and notifications about rewards being granted to individual devices, please visit the Dashboard:

Please note that the coins are not real. They are for testing purposes only! We welcome your thoughts, concerns and voices as we built this platform to gather notes on user experiences. Feel free to share your views on our Telegram communities here: t.me/iotwcommunity


What is IOTW TestNet?


TestNet is an alpha release of complete IOTW infrastructure and it will be released as MainNet in early 2019. With our TestNet, you will be able to try micro-mining via the virtual IoT devices, while you can also test its several features on our IOTW wallet by using the TestNet coins to purchase any goods and services at our decentralized marketplace.

What are the main objectives of the TestNet?


Our main objectives are:
  • Focusing on the validation of architecture.
  • Stress testing in real usage scenario.
  • Getting performance metrics.
  • Increasing the understanding of hardware needs for MainNet.
  • Enhancing the understanding of potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Collecting user experience data for further improving the infrastructure.

What are the main features of the TestNet?


Following are some of the main features of the TestNet:
  • Offers a full infrastructure for connecting IoT devices.
  • Offers a mobile wallet application to collect rewards from micro-mining using connected IoT devices.
  • Provides an integrated e-commerce application for making purchases with mined TestNet coins.

How long will the TestNet last?


TestNet will run until the launch of the MainNet, which is set for the March 2019.

How many IOTW TestNet coins can I mine per day?


It depends on the number of devices connected in the network. A single user is expected to mine between 1 and 10 IOTW tokens per day.

What can I do with the TestNet Tokens?


The TestNet tokens are not real and they are used for testing purposes. However, they can later be redeemed for various giveaways: lightbulbs, IoT plugs, IOTW Tokens (the real ones), Laptop stickers, IOTW T-shirts, etc. In the MainNet which is set for March 2019, end users can purchase real products and services with the real IOTW tokens in our decentralized marketplace.

When can I redeem the IOTW TestNet coins?


Details regarding the redemption of IOTW TestNet coins will be announced soon.

How can I connect the virtual devices with the IOTW Wallet?


Please refer to Step 3 above.

How to use the dashboard on the TestNet?


The dashboard provides valuable information about the number of connected IoT devices. Moreover, it also shows the queue of devices lined up for mining along with displaying the notifications about rewards being granted to individual devices.

What can I do with the IOTW Wallet?


Besides connecting IoT devices to start micro-mining, you can do peer-to-peer payment and purchase in our shop with IOTW TestNet coins. In the MainNet, you can use real IOTW tokens to buy goods and services available on the marketplace.

Can I use the IOTW wallet on my Android device?


Yes, both iOS and Android devices are supporting the IOTW wallet.

How can I contact IOTW if I have any questions?


If you have any question, please feel free by send us an email: info@iotw.io or join our telegram: https://t.me/iotwcommunity